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The Beauty of Age

I must admit, when I think of age, I think of this:

Bitter upside-down-smilers with a beer in one hand and a burning stump of a fag in the other.

I think of this, when I think of age, because that’s how I see ‘age’ around me in my neighbourhood.

When i think of youth, i think of millenials and I don’t wanna think about youth no more.

I’m the one inbetween. Not too old, not too young and not too decided about the direction it’s headed.

Obviously I look for the beauty in age, too, as that’s what I do. I look for beauty everywhere.

24x30cm I acrylics on canvas
Ngchonkin has taken a photo of a Sadhu in front of the Taj and I couldn't but stare at that photo for hours and in re-creating it with paint, diving into a peaceful meditation myself.
You can see more of his stunning photography on his flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/chongkin/albums
Without Voice.(2014)
24x30cm I acrylics on canvas
This is Bear Bull from the tribe of Blackfoot. They once lived in the Great Plains and lived off the buffalo that roamed there freely until the White Man came and killed them all off completely just to replace them with cattle. Gentrification back in those days was a lot more bloody and horrific. In this painting I have added a city skyline and taken his voice, just like this process of 'gentrification' has done to the first Nation and admittedly is still doing so today. The photo I used as reference is from a 1926 photograph by Edward S. Curtis.
27,5x39,5cm I acrylics, ink and watercolour on paper
This is a lady of the Ao tribe in Nagaland, which is in India. She belongs to the first westernized tribe of the Nagaland. The Photographs I have used as reference is taken by a travel photographer named Retlaw Shellac. You can find his works on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/.../albums/72157600129620278/page2/
The Origin.(2017)
18x24cm I acrylics on canvas
Nomadic tribes roamed the African continent and still do as they have from day one.
If we want to get a grasp of what we are about today, we need to return to the past. To the origin. To the spiritual birthplace of humanity. And dwell there for a moment or two.
For this painting I have used a reference by the Spanish artist José Tapiro y Baro (1830-1913).
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