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Hey there,

I also have a blog!

If you're into poetry

and want to see more photographs of mine,

this will be right up your street.


I hope you're comfortably sat in front of your screen - maybe even with a brew right next to you.

It's nice you popped by anyway, so I'll tell you a little bit about me.

Maybe even the bits you don't know yet.

My first 6 months in life I spent in Oxford, UK. As my parents are both German, they took me back there, too. So I grew up in the middle of the countryside, where my dad built sailing boats - as clearly one does when there's no lakes, rivers or seas to be seen.  Nature was my home and so was the church for a good portion of my life. Not so much now.

Right now I spend a big portion of my time with becoming a florist. A proper one-with certificate and all. I still paint, of course. Even though I am currently undergoing a phase of re-orientation - a thing I like doing every couple of years.


Anyway - I paint, photograph and love playing with digital collage.

Clearly I am an artist. 

I guess this is the part, where I invite you to my

 gallery so you can get the picture a little better.

Come on in.

o nadine o

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