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Flying Peacock.
24x30cm I acrylics on canvas 
When I look out my window, I see winter.
But when I look again, I see a mighty peacock
taking off into the stormy sky.
Der Ursprung. (the origin)
18x24cm I acrylics on canvas
Nomadic tribes roamed the African continent and still do as they have from day one.
If we want to get a grasp of what we are about today, we need to return to the past. To the origin. To the spiritual birthplace of humanity. And dwell there for a moment or two.
The battle with machine
18x24cm I acrylics on canvas
With all the advantages that technology and its availability bring, I also observe an ever growing dependence on hand-held devices that catapult you into the online dimension. I can't help but comparing the addiction I witness to a transformation of the human into something less human.
18x24cm I acrylics on canvas
A stale gaze into nothing. On remote. Ready, when needed. Light reflecting on copper skin. As light is no longer needed to live.
River Weser
24x30cm I acrylics on canvas I no longer available
A grey and rainy day in Hameln by the river Weser.
Bin @ the airfield
18x24cm I acrylics on canvas
I embrace the change of season and feel grateful for the summer I had. 
Südgelände, Berlin
A2 I acrylics on paper
This one was painted in a park that used to be part of a Berlin train station. I only used black, white and yellow for this painting
Orca and prey
24x30cm I acrylics on canvas
Expressing the fear of global warming. The horizon is tilted as the world is turning over. A lonely desert chard of an island floating helplessly, bouncing backwards and forwards on the ruthless ocean. An Orca preying on a pet dog.
Holy West
40x50 cm I acrylics on canvas I no longer available
Pope Julius II was quite a violent pope nicknamed 'the warrior pope'. For me, he is the perfect subject in an attempt to find the origin of the 'western world' with all the capitalist ideas it comes. His hat consists of Vatican, the Gherkin and the Rockefeller Center.
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